The word of the President

2020 will remain a year apart.

A year apart because in the space of three months, the Covid19 has just handed over in question all our certainties. Modification of our work habits, changes in our social and economic behaviour, the health crisislinked to COVID-19 will profoundly change our personal life and our professional life. Like all the crises before it, the latter will shaping a new future. The challenge for companies today is to be an actor of the changes that are unfolding and not to be subjected to them. many challenges ahead: transformation of managerial methods,new economic requirements, new social relations, new takeecological awareness, integration of new health standards,productivity to be recovered, impact on information systems...Oxade Consulting’s ambition is to help you define a new horizon and building together a new vision of the future.

Rudy Baddha, President Oxade Consulting.