Plan de Continuité d’Activité

Since twenty years, the frequency and the cost of crises (ecological, financial, health… ) is only increasing. The current crisis shows us how much the business depends on its ecosystem to live.

Impreparation can today be synonymous with definitive cessation of activity.

And, although it is utopian to try to predict and master everything, the Companies need to design and implement strategies for protection of their human, material and intangible capital avoiding certain events, or at least limiting their consequences and to ensure the continuity of the business despite the loss of critical resources.

Feedbacks from the major recent crises shows that organizations that have taken a prior step to ensure business continuity are the most resilient coping with destabilizing events.

The business continuity approach aimed at equipping the enterprise with a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is the means to associate in a global and consistent way of a set of methodological tools (risk management, crisis management, modelling of business and vital processes, PRA, etc.) to optimise the efficiency of the planned arrangements, in line with the company’s objectives.

The BCP represents all measures aimed at ensuring, under various crisis scenarios, including during extreme shocks, the maintenance, if necessary temporarily in a degraded mode, of services or other essential or important operational tasks of the company, followed by the planned resumption of activities.

Business continuity cannot do without PRA properly sized. This point is also very important because, in the event of a disaster, it is necessary to be able to make available within an acceptable and agreed time frame adequate means outside the disaster area. Redundant means must be adapted to the frequency and severity of the risks.

Oxade assits you throughout the entire BCP value chain: definition of needs, identification and analysis of risks, identification of activities vital to your company, development of the BCP itself, crisis scenarios, crisis simulation, identification of weak signals, accompaniment...

To be affective the BCP must be part of a loop of adaptation and continuous improvement as well as a communication strategy.

This is obvious but the reaction time between the start of the crisisand the application of the first measures must be as limited as possible. And to do this, the BCP must be known and adopted by all stakeholders of the company and it must be tested regularly.

Oxade also accompanies you on more operational aspects: crisis simulation, resilience audit, verification of the crisis (IS faults, leakage, data loss, process failure by example), post crisis audit, organisation of RETEX, support for return to normal, integration of a BCP component into projects…