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An independent company

Oxade Consulting is a consulting firm with more than 25 years of experience.

We intervene in projects and programs of transformation, supporting our clients on strategic topics and governance and project management around Information Systems.

Our approach is primarily human-based.

Our approach aims above all to be based on people: many difficulties can be overcome and challenges won by the establishment of relationships of trust and the establishment of common objectives or shared values.

Our consultants are primarily facilitators. Savoir, Savoir-faire and Savoir-être are more than ever the pillars of the men and women of OXADE Consulting.

We find ourselves fully in the etymology of the word “advice”, which comes from the Latin word “consilium - consiliaris” and means “advice given or requested on what to do”.

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The increasing complexity of the systems, the demands of the users, the increasing number of actors, lead to the fact that no operator, even international, can in all circumstances respond alone to calls for tenders that come from large contractors.

Oxade Consulting has understood for many years that it is necessary to work together to best meet the needs of its clients.

This is why Oxade Consulting has established a network of strong partnerships, based on long experience.

Chaque partenaire apporte son expertise sous le pilotage unique d’Oxade Consulting qui est et reste maître des opérations qui lui sont confiées par ses clients, et assume donc l’entière responsabilité de l’opération et du suivi de la prestation.

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